Feedback from Students

More than 700 students from many different campuses have been polled about the campaign. Some of the questions students were asked - and their responses - are posted below:

"Is there a need to raise awareness and increase practise of Consent on your campus?"

  •  99.4% of all students polled responded "YES"

"How do you rate the CIS Posters and Leaflet?"  

  •  83% of all students polled responded "GOOD" or "GREAT"

"Do you think the CIS Campaign is balanced and speaks equally to men and women?"

  •  88% of all students polled responded "YES"

"Is there an issue the Campaign has not addressed?"

  • 73% of all students polled responded "NO"

"Will the CIS Campaign be effective in creating Change?"    

  • 89% of all students polled responded "YES"

"How do you rate the CIS Skills Training Workshop?

  • 97% all students polled responded "GOOD" or "GREAT"

"After completing the CIS Workshop, are you confident you can successfully roll-out this campaign on your campus?"

  • 96% of all students polled responded "YES"

"What do you think of the Consent is Sexy Campaign?"

  • “Consent is Sexy is brilliant. It’s what it’s all about - cool and sexy!”
  • “It doesn’t blame men - it speaks equally to women and men”
  • “The posters are great - they make you look at yourself!”
  • “It’s young, cool and easy to relate to.”
  • “Awesome! The info is real, clear - and it faces the truth.”
  • “ChangeMakers made me aware that we can all make a difference!”
  • “I couldn’t believe how popular the CIS Buttons were - we ran out on the 2nd day!”
  • “The posters work really well - they make good points without talking down to you.”
  • “I loved the Consent is Sexy Cheer and taking it out on campus. We got a great response!”
  • “The posters have a lot of impact - they're bright, colourful and deal with all the issues.”
  • “I love the Consent is Sexy approach. It makes me question what I believe to be true.”
  • “I learnt so much just reading the Consent is Sexy leaflet. WOW!”
  • “The events were awesome - we were able to attract so many students to the events.”

"What did you learn about Relationships in the CIS Skills Training Workshop?"

  •  "I’ve seen how the campaign message works in myself, just in the short time of being exposed to the campaign during the workshop. So I know it works!"
  • "I’m already relating differently, more respectfully, to everyone around me.”
  • “Respect one another. Have consent before sex. It’s everyone’s right to say No. Even if you’re in a relationship, you can say No to your partner.”
  • “I learnt how to ask for consent.”
  • “Respect everyone on the Workshop as equals.”
  • “I learnt how to talk about my feelings and about my relationship.”
  • “That consent and respect is sexy! Consent contributes to a stronger, healthier, safer and more sexy relationship!”

"What did you learn about Campaigning in the CIS Skills Training Workshop?"

  • “New ways of campaigning - entertaining events are really important to make the information come alive
  • “Planning is super important for the success of the campaign”
  • “I liked creating our own events from all the ideas presented to us in the Workshop.”
  • “Being able to customize the messages for our campus is a big plus.”
  • “Timelines and planning are very important”
  • “That effective campaigning will make us more aware ... and create change on campus”
  • “Organising, monitoring and planning a successful campaign.”

"Is there anything you would Change about the CIS Skills Training Workshop?”

  •  “Yes. We need more people to attend. On a large campus like ours it would be great to have 100 switched-on volunteers to help run the campaign, instead of only 25.”
  • “No. It was perfect - it covered everything we needed to know”
  • “Yes. There should be more time for sensitizing sexist participants on gender issues!”
  • “No. I feel inspired - I want to start today!”
  • “Yes. We should sing the Consent is Sexy Cheer more often!”
  • “No - it was great! Maybe having more time - we only had 2 days, which was too short.”
  • “Yes. Just do more! More students should do this so they can Get It!”

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