The Consent is Sexy Leaflet

A deeper look at Consent, Respect and Abuse.  

The pocket-sized Consent is Sexy LeafletCIS-Leaflet
is 16 full-colour pages of progressive,
comprehensive info and support.

The CIS Leaflet has consistently attained
a positive response in impact studies:   

  • 83% of all students polled responded "Good" or "Great" when asked to rate the content of the CIS Leaflet.

The Leaflet covers essential questions around Consent, Respect and Abuse,
such as:

  • What is Consent?
  • What is not Consent?
  • Why ask for Consent?
  • Why is Consent Sexy?
  • How can you make Consent Sexy?
  • Is Consent always Spoken?
  • Is Consent a Mood Killer?
  • How to say No
  • Care Enough to Accept No?
  • What if I’m too Excited to Stop?
  • When is it OK to say No?
  • When is it OK to say Yes?
  • Why Wrap it?
  • Why are High Times High Risk?
  • Party Safe. Be aware of the Risks.
  • What is Respect?
  • What is Self-respect?
  • What is Abuse?
  • How can I tell if I am in an Abusive Relationship?
  • Need Help?
  • Can we 'Be the Change'?


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