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9. DO YOU DO IT?  Harsh criticism, hurtful gossip, name-calling, being bossy and controlling, jealous accusations, angry shouting, and dishonesty are kinds of abusive speech. We’ve all done it. We’ve all had it done to us. But if unchecked, abusive speech will break trust, undermine respect and create conflict. Speech which is caring and supportive will create better, stronger relationships. Be mindful of how you speak. Respect yourself. Respect others.   

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  1. Judy says:

    A lot of times people associate women hurting men in relationships with strictly verbal/emotional abuse. It’s important to remember that recent surveys are showing that women admit to coercing sex just as often as men do. Coerced consent is not consent, and it’s not sexy. I haven’t seen posters that target women in an effort to curb coercion.

  2. Tumelo says:

    This is the poster for the abuse of men – because women know how to hurt with their words!

  3. Sipho says:

    Abusive speech may not be the worst kind of abuse – but it can and often does develop into physical abuse and other forms. If you’re yelling at somebody it can quickly become a push or a shove and then anything can happen. Great poster. Interesting campaign.

  4. milo says:

    If those kinds of speech are all abusive then we’re ALL abusive! Because we ALL do some of them, no? This is really interesting, I think. We think of abusive people as baaad people who we read about in newspapers, see on the news. Abusive people are always OTHER people. But actually – they are US! We are the abusive people! And until we stop thinking that we have nothing to do with abuse – and start looking at our own behaviour – it will not end.

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