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25. Do YoU GIVE IT?  Be sure you want her as much as she wants you. Ask yourself, “Is this OK with me?” Give consent. Or don’t give consent. It’s always your choice. Sex with consent is sexy. Sex without consent is rape. Respect yourself. Respect your partner.

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  1. Rosa says:

    This is an important poster because it says it’s OK for a man to say No. Society equates being a Real Man with the constant pursuit of sex and being ever ready to perform sex. So men are socialized out of relating to women as something more than the object of that pursuit, and so it feels counter-intuitive refusing sex when they don’t want it.

  2. Ivan says:

    I like the idea of checking in with yourself – of asking yourself if this is OK – because it’s important to start to listen to your heart. Magic campaign.

  3. Karin says:

    She looks like she knows what she wants! Its a good message because too many guys just go along with what the girl wants because its easy and maybe they want sex – but they’re not really making a conscious choice.

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