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29. A HIGH TIME?  High times can be high risk. Drugs or alcohol are involved in most date rapes. We don’t always make good decisions about our safety when we’re high. Most sex assaults are committed by someone we know. Know the risks. Party safe. Look out for each other. Sex with consent is sexy. Sex without consent is rape. It’s criminal to take advantage of anyone who’s high. Respect yourself and your partner.

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  1. Fatou says:

    This is so true. One of the biggest social problems is peer pressure. It takes courage not to behave like the rest of the crowd – to risk being ostracised and mocked for not embracing aggressive behaviour. It takes a real man. Remember that you’re not born a man, you become one by your actions and your beliefs. And real women want real men.

  2. Sandy says:

    What planet are you living on Judy? The fact is people ARE taking drugs and drinking. When you accept that fact the question is, what advice can you give them? I think this poster is doing a good job. It’s not judging anybody, it’s not talking down to anyone – it’s just saying, these are the risks that come with getting high.

  3. Judy says:

    The text is beating around the bush – people SHOULD NOT take drugs or drink – just say NO.

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