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35. YES MEANS YES.  No means No and Yes means Yes. This campaign promotes informed choice based on consent and respect. This campaign is sex-positive. It respects sexual diversity. It does not encourage anyone to have sex. It does not encourage anyone not to have sex. It says only to those who want to have sex, ‘Ask first. Get consent. Make it sexy.’ Sex with consent is sexy. Sex without consent is rape. Respect yourself. Respect your partner.

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  1. Arie says:

    It’s OK for a man to say No. Society equates being a Real Man with the constant pursuit of sex and being ever ready to perform sex. So men are socialized out of relating to women as something more than the object of that pursuit, and so it feels counter-intuitive refusing sex when they don’t want it.

  2. Alexander says:

    It’s important to say Yes means Yes – too many of these kinds of campaign make you feel guilty about sex! But this campaign is a sexy message that’s also responsible and caring.

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