37. Do YoU GET IT?  Be sure he wants you as much as you want him. Get consent. Ask him first, “Is this OK with you?” And always respect his decision. Sex with consent is sexy. Sex without consent is rape. Respect yourself. Respect your partner.

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  1. Georgia says:

    Kuti, I’m going to have to firmly and respectfully disagree with you. Everyone should always ask one another if they want to have sex. Just because a woman is in a relationship with a man does not mean she gets to ASSUME that he wants to have sex. That’s the exact type of thinking this campaign is trying to challenge and eradicate. Also, I think I see where you were trying to go with your later statements and I’d have to say that I’m thoroughly offended. How exactly did you think it was appropriate to blatantly slut-shame on a sex positive, safe space website!?

  2. Jane says:

    I think it’s sexy when we ask a guy – and why not? Girls also attracted to guys. Why should we always wait for them to ask us? This is true liberation from the patriarchal ways of the past!

  3. Kuti says:

    I think girls should never ask a guy. I mean NEVER. What kind of girl asks a guy for sex? I think we all know what kind of girl.

  4. Bridget says:

    As a woman I found it hard to ask my man for sex. But one day I just asked him. Guess what, he was totally surprised! But he didn’t complain! And it feels good for me to take charge and ask him when I feel like doing it, instead of always waiting for him to ask me.

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