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41. wHY wRAp IT?  High risk of HIV and STIs isn’t a reason to give up sex. But it is a good reason to be careful. Always use a condom. Only condoms provide double protection. Managing the risks is simpler than dealing with HIV and STIs or an unplanned pregnancy. Be responsible. Talk about protection with your partner. Be in control of your sexual health and emotional well-being. Wrap it. Respect yourself. Respect your partner.

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  1. Jerome says:

    Votre texte a simplement répondu à mes questions. Je n’avais que très peu cette façon d’appréhender les choses, j’ai l’impression que je vais améliorer mon ouverture d’esprit. Super! (Your message has answered my own questions. I’ve had very little possibility to learn about these things. It will lift my spirits. Great!)

  2. Napoleon says:

    What causes that sort of rash? A lack of condomsense.

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