Why Colleges choose the Consent is Sexy Campaign

It's Needed

When reviewing sexual violence statistics on high school and college campuses, three features stand out:

  • The high incidence of sexual violence: One in Four women and One in Twenty men have an experience of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault during their college years.
  • A low incidence of reporting sexual violence: Less than One in Twenty cases are reported.
  • The low levels of awareness of Sexual Rights: more than Two in Four high school girls and Three in Four high school boys believe forced sex is OK under some circumstances.

These statistics reflect a potent mix of negative factors: high incidence; low levels of reporting; amplified by wide-spread low awareness of sexual rights. 

It’s not surprising that sexual violence on college campuses has been described as the ‘silent epidemic’.

It’s Tested.

More than 700 students have been polled for feedback.

  • When asked, "Rate the CIS campaign Posters and Leaflet"
    83% of all students polled responded “GOOD” or “GREAT”
  • When asked, "Will the campaign be effective in creating change?"
    89% of all students polled responded “YES”
  • When asked, “Rate the CIS Skills Training Workshop”
    97% of all students polled responded “GOOD” or “GREAT”
  • When asked, "After completing the workshop, are you confident you can successfully roll-out this campaign on your campus?"
    of all students polled responded “YES”

It’s Comprehensive.

The CIS Campaign includes the following modules:

  • Skills Training Workshop: prepares a team of students to ‘take ownership’ of the campaign - to creatively collaborate, plan, organise and roll-it out.
  • Information Campaign: consists of Posters - currently 20 different messages with more than 50 different image choices, Leaflet and Website.
  • Promotional Campaign: Consists of Banners, Display Stands, T-Shirt designs, Buttons, Bookmarks, Viral campaign, etc.
  • Interactive Events: consists of themed events designed to create excitement and participation: open debates, slam poetry, guerilla theatre, competitions, voting events, flash mob ideas, film festival, ChangeMakers, etc.
  • Impact Assessment Report: templates for collecting feedback on all aspects of the campaign, and extracting data that demonstrates the impact of the campaign.

It’s Flexible.

  • It can be a small campaign: a concerned group of students who want to raise awareness by putting up Posters at their High School or College.
  • Or it can be a large campaign: Workshops, Information & Promotional Campaign, Interactive Events, and Impact Report for a campus of 30 000 or more students.

It’s Customizable.

While there are currently more than twenty different posters, there may still be issues on your campus not addressed by the campaign. In which case, we can:

  • create new Posters, or revise the current Posters and Leaflet - resulting in a customized campaign designed to address your unique needs and give your campaign more impact.
  • offer more than 50 images to choose from - for inclusion in the Posters and Leaflet  - so you get the look that's right for your campus.

We can also brand the campaign to:

  • include the Name and Logo of the participating College or Organisation
  • include contact Telephone Numbers on the Posters, Leaflet and other campaign elements.

It’s Positive and Inclusive.

The Consent is Sexy Campaign:

  • promotes informed choices based on Consent, Respect and Open Discussion - free of coercion, fear and violence.
  • is sex-positive - it doesn't encourage anyone not to have sex. And it doesn't encourage anyone to have sex. It only encourages those who want to have sex to be sure they have their partner’s consent.
  • strives to speak equally to men and women - by recognising the right to respect and consent for both sexes.
  • does not demonize men: it avoids focussing on men as the only gender capable of abuse, by recognising that both men and women can be abused and abusers.
  • contributes positively to the sexual health and emotional well-being of all students, by offering information which focuses on benefits and risks, rather than prescriptive moralising and finger-wagging.

It’s Affordable.

  • Because of economies of scale, and a high degree of volunteer student participation in the campaign production and roll-out, the CIS Campaign is available at a fraction of the cost of an institution originating and producing their own campaign.
  • The Campaign is charged on a sliding scale - calculated as a percentage of a College’s total campaign budget. This results in a fair rate - a College with a smaller budget will pay less than a College with a larger budget.
  • It is the vision of the CIS Campaign that no one be turned away because of limited funding - every effort will be made to accommodate the budget of all who wish to participate.

It’s Collaborative.

  • All the Poster and Leaflet messages and images in the CIS Campaign are tested in focus groups during the Skills Training Workshop - and then revised to include student feedback and better address the unique issues of each participating institution. This collaboration of testing, feedback and revision keeps the campaign messages real and relevant for each campus.
  • Through this process of collaborating in campaign content; creating and producing events; planning and rolling-out the campaign - students ‘take ownership’ of the campaign - a vital process for a successful campaign.

It’s Engaging.

  • The CIS posters encourage enquiry and open discussion by inviting students to question negative attitudes and behaviour and to discuss these issues with partners and friends. This is a necessary process for a shift in attitudes and a resultant change in behaviour to occur.
  • The CIS Interactive Events are designed to make messages impactful and memorable, and to engage and stimulate exploration and discussion.

It’s Sustainable.

  • The CIS Campaign includes workshops designed to sensitise and train students in the skills needed to extend the campaign beyond the campaign awareness period.
  • Students will be shown how to create events themed to the campaign messages of consent and respect - so that the campaign can be sustained throughout the year.


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