Consent is Sexy Workshops

CIS Skills Training Workshop

The Skills Training Workshop prepares a workshop
team of students to take ownership of the campaign - to creatively collaborate, plan, organize and roll it out.

The CIS Workshop has consistently attained a positive response in impact studies:   

  • 97% of all students polled responded "Good" or "Great" when asked to rate the the CIS Workshop.
  • When asked, "After completing the CIS Workshop, are you confident you can successfully roll-out this campaign on your campus?"
    96% of all students polled responded "Yes"

The workshop provides a platform to assess the campaign materials - to approve them, or suggest revisions, choose the right images for their campus, and to design and plan events.

This process is also sensitizing: participants are exposed to campaign messages and asked to critically engage on various issues; and to reflect on how these themes playout in their own relationships.

In addition to the creative process of collaboration, event creation and planning - the workshop is also effective in enabling mutual respect, inter-personal connection, shared experience, and team-building. Which all helps to create the strong foundations necessary for a successful campaign.

The workshop is offered in simple, easy to facilitate, do-it-yourself modules: run by students for students.

Themes covered in the CIS workshop includes:

  • Overview of Campaign   
  • 3 Principles of Campaign
  • Goals of Campaign
  • Checking In with your Awareness
  • Agreement for Rules of Engagement    
  • What is Open Discussion?
  • What is Respect?    
  • What is Consent?
  • What is Abuse?        
  • CIS Posters Reviewed
  • CIS Leaflet Reviewed
  • Consensus Reached on Campaign Materials   
  • ChangeMakers
  • Events Presentations
  • Brainstorming
  • Campaign Elements + Activities
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Planning, Budgeting + Timelines
  • Launch + Roll-out
  • Impact and Assessment

The Power of Consent Workshop

A wonderfully effective companion workshop to the Consent is Sexy Skills Training Workshop is the Power of Consent workshop, which:

  • creates a unique forum for young women and men to skillfully confront some of the most divisive and conflicted issues relating to gender and sexuality
  • is a powerful methodology that enables women and men to openly address sensitive issues rarely discussed aloud, and frequently leads to breakthroughs in mutual understanding, respect, compassion, and reconciliation.

The Power of Consent workshop was created and is run by:

  • William Keepin, PhD, an environmental scientist and transpersonal psychologist.
  • Cynthia Brix, M.A., M.Div, a former campus minister for United Ministries of Higher Education at the University of Colorado in Boulder, USA.

Will and Cynthia have conducted more than 65 training workshops, on 5 continents, to foster deep communication and mutual understanding between women and men. They are the authors of:

  • Divine Duality: the Power of Reconciliation between Women and Men; Hohm Press, 2007; and
  • Women Healing Women: A Model of Hope for Oppressed Women Everywhere; Hohm Press, 2009.

Will and Cynthia are based in Seattle, USA, and conduct their Power of Consent workshops throughout the year.

For more information please contact us.

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